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One can say that this is just another coloured music. I can only add that this is in a some way a natural coloured music.

The idea is simple. Notes, which are played by any musical instrument, correspond to a sum of different sound waves. What we need is the conversion of a sound wavelength to RGB of coloured light, the set of instrument higher harmonics (known as ob(v)ertones), and a notion that an octave corresponds to frequency dub(p)lication.

The result is giving below - this is a program that plays a real-time image of music in addition to music itself. The program works under Windows 95. You can download zipped program:

midi.zip (155 kB)

or, which is better, you can download zipped installation package (in this case you can uninstall the program and clean registry anytime you like):

midiset.zip (761 kB)

(The image is played even if there is no sound card on the computer.)


Known limitations:

An image creation requires a lot of computer work.

For this reason, the program has just 64x64 point images and it plays only one note for one track at a given moment of time. Let us hope that computers will be faster in near future! Also, not all midi files are supported by this version of the program.


The program is Shareware - if you need a registered copy - e-mail me.





Many thanks to Dave Churcher, who has some MIDI stuff at

Dave's MIDI Software

and many thanks to Colin Wilson, whose midi controls were used in the program. You can find useful MIDI information at his home page

Colin Wilson - Delphi.