Batteryless Lighting


      Well known today remote control (RC) technologies provide engineering feasibility for switching on, as well as making the light brightness variation (dimming) without any electrical cables. The control radio signals are emitted from portable or sidewall mounted remote control units or button switches.

          The conventional electrical sourses for all types of portable RC control panel are - electrical cells or a regular batteries ensure the full devise independents from stationary wired power supply.

However, battery-powered RC devices have a essential shortcomings:

1. Limited batteries life-time cause their periodical replacement.

2. Problems releted with the batteries electrical contacts.

3. Problems related with the ecological aspect of used batteries utilization recycling.


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Is it possible to realise the batterlyless Remote Control unit?

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With the help of a new tehnology

- PiezoRC

  • The PiezoRC (Piezoelectric Remote Control) Technology is based on piezoelectric effect - while the habitual mechanical pushing down on the buttons of RC portable gives rise to the electrical pulse sufficient to form and emit digital control signal.
  • The latter results for RC unit in fully external energy supplies independence.
  • The PiezoRC technology - is a hopeful tool for engineering RC consoles with the IR or RF control channels and can be a useful tool for the laser beam RC devises.
  • The PiezoRC technology - can be easily implemented into already existent industrial RC systems.
  • The PiezoRC technology - does not increase the cost of  RC systems.
  • The PiezoRC technology - the hopeful and useful tool for future design of sealed, mainteance free, long lifetime RC systems.
  • The estimated lifetime of the PiezoRC systems is not less than 20 years.
  • The prototypes of remote artifical lighting controllers (switches, dimmers etc.) for the 50-m range have been made and demonstrated at International Shows.
  • The PiezoRC technology allows the effective application in the other scopes like Security systems, Guarding systems.
  • The PiezoRC technology  bears all necessary protective International and Russian patents rights.
  • The PiezoRC technology  was succesfully exhibited at International Saloon's of Invention "Brussels-Eureka" and awarded of two Golden Medals and Silver Medal.


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