new generation of electromechanical interlocks with superlow power consumption.



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CHIPLOCK –a remarkable new device that advances the art of electromechanical interlocking devices.
CHIPLOCK –provides 50.000 times less electrical power consumption for electromechanical locking mechanisms, then electromagnetic devices.
CHIPLOCK –provides improved performance as it relates to electronic locks, electrical clutches and other mechanical transmission mechanisms.
CHIPLOCK –especially designed for systems where energy consumption is a critical parameter because of limited power supply, such as those used with PIEZOELECTRIC power supply, SOLAR cells and similar devices.
CHIPLOCK –fully tested and proven. (-40, +85C, High humidity),
CHIPLOCK –can be adapted to a host or variety of electromechanical locking and robotic devices.
CHIPLOCK –easily mass-produced at a very affordable price near to US$1.
CHIPLOCK –has been awarded a patents in Russia, US, Canada and Europe.
CHIPLOCK –Golden and Silver medals of International Invention Fairs.

The CHIPLOCK invention provides various modifications of electromechanical power devices notable for use of weak electrostatic interaction of specially treated members thereof which, on charging by small electrostatic charge become a source of mechanical forces blocking indirectly the movement of the power device mechanical components.
             The invention can be effectively used for the development and production of electronic locks, electrical clutches and other mechanical transmission mechanisms, as well as electronically controlled valve gear and interlocking devices characterized by very low consumption of electric power or made as BATTERYLESS devices.
             The most exciting application of CHIPLOCK that have been developed for last few years are and locks with small lithium 3v-battery for 8 years of operation and batteryless electronic locks.

New Generation of Electronic Locks

with CHIPLOCK electromechanics.

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CHIPLOCK provides possibility to revolutionize development and production of electronic locks for wide variety of access control systems

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Batteryless hotel door lock made on the base of real hotel lock from Vingcard AS with magnetic stripe access card, where CHIPLOCK device replaces electromotor.
The electrical energy for card readout and unlocking the lock is converted from the mechanical movement of card at the process of it insertion into the reader slot.
Batteryless safe lock with PINpad made on the base of electronic safe lock from La Gard Inc.  

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CHIPLOCK being made rather small has been installed in portable locking devices like cylinders and padlocks.

Small lithium battery like CR2032 provides 8 years of lifetime for portable electronic locks with CHIPLOCK.

Batteryless piezopowered padlocks and cylinders are under development.

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