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Main direction of our research is the design and development of microsensors by combination of fundamental physics investigations and application of microelectronic technology.

Laboratory also serves the needs of Academy of Science as a pilot microelectronic line for preparation of microstructures in collaborations with other scientific labs.

            Laboratory obtains traditional microelectronic processes installed in clean room:

  • -photolithography,
  • -plasma treating of wafers (etching and depositions),
  • -vacuum deposition of metal films,
  • -various wet chemical processes,
  • -preparation of masks by electron beam lithography,

      There are few products elaborated in the lab:

  • -high sensitive humidity sensors with fast response,
  • -various liquid level meters and registrators,
  • -pressure sensors,

    Series new chips of sensitive elements for chemical and biological sensors are under investigation.

    New technological processes are also developed in application to fine etching of semiconductor lasers, micromechanics design, etc.

    Lab are open to contracts for elaboration of sensors and microelectronic technology.

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