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- compact power supply that makes electronics batteryless

(Technology PiezoPC)

Invention relates to the means of autonomous power supply for electronic systems, and particularly for the devices with microelectronic circuits. Microelectronic development leads to the situation that the power supply requirements for some (for instanse, CMOS) electronic circuits are practically negligible. Therefore, the chance to eliminate the battery power supply for these systems and to use alternative power converter is becoming rather high. The invention produces methods and means for electrical power supply from high efficiency converter of mechanical energy to electrical energy with the help of charge generators like piezoelements, which do not need service and replacement.

Method claimed at invention is shown below:
A charge generator (i.e. piezoelement) (1) when activated produces a portion of electrical charge q with a high electric potential Uin. This charge passes through electronic part (2) of the converter which multiply the value of charges from q to Q and at the same time reduces the charge potential from Uin to Uout To collect the resulted charges Q, the accumulator (3) is installed at the output of converter.

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 A 1,5% efficiency of conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy at the very compact piezoconverter (80x20x10 mm) with electrical circuit (30x15x10mm) has been demonstrated. Particularly, the mechanical job of 40 mjoules made by mechanical force F=2 kg with displacement of piezoelement spring l=4 mm could be converted to the electrical energy 0,6 mj of charged capacitor C=100?f and voltage Uout=3,5 v. The efficiency of piezoconverters can be increased with the modification of piezoelement and electronic circuit.The best result today is a piezoconverter with 5% efficiency - 42 mj of mechanical job was converted into 2 mj of electrical energy of charged capacitor (100mkf, 6.3 v).

The appearance of high efficient piezoconverters opens wide range of applications:


-Piezoelectronic compact electrical power supply from 3,3 throught 5 volts,
-Readout units and access control systems for plastic cards with:
-magnetic stripe,
-contact and contactless chips,
-Laser gun (toy) with piezoactivation,
-Autonomous batteryless alarms,
-Autonomous batteryless electronic locks for safes and doors,
-Batteryless thermometer with LCD


Various batteryless prototypes of autonomus electronic devices were demonstrated at international fairs HANNOVER MESSE'97, 98, ALOA'97, BRUSSELS EUREKA'96, 97, 98, 99:
Great attention was attracted by our prototypes of batteryless remote control:
- RF-remote control (433,92 Mhz),
-Infrared remote control,
-Laser remote control and particulary,
-Lighting remote control for home and industry on the base of autonomous piezoelectronic wall switch,
-RF-remote control is based on elaborated microtransmitter that consumers 10 microcoulomb of electrical charge for one byte of digital information, which can be easyly supplied by piezoconverter.
There are few directions of implementation of inventions into industry:
- Autonomous and serviceless access control systems, piezoelectronic alarms,
-Remote control of centralized door lock and alarm systems for automobiles,
- Batteryless transmitter for door chimes,
-Home automation,
-Garage doors, window shutters, blinds, awinings, ceiling fan remote control,
- Batteryless sensors with LCD:
-Timers,Weight meters (electronic balances),
-Chemical and ecological sensors.

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